About Inthegame
Inthegame is a unique patented platform helping broadcast channels, sports teams & streamers better engage and interact with their audience.

The best viewing experience is one that you're part of

Boost Viewing experience
Allowing your audience to play and interact while you broadcast.
Increase Engagement and loyalty
Creating a unique ongoing dialogue with viewers
Smart ads System
Optimize Advertising by aligning them with live events
Our Products
Inthegame – eSports Streamers


INTV lets broadcast networks gamify every viewing experience, creating a two way dialog between the viewer and the content. Deepening the connection with their viewing audience enhances a variety of monetization options and long term interaction with the viewers.
Inthegame – eSports Streamers


eSports streamers enable their audience to play, earn points and win prizes while watching the stream while enhancing engagement , viewer retention and monetization.
Inthestadium – Sports Teams & Organizations


Sports teams and organisations use Inthestadium, to give their audience a fun and unique way to react to events on the field of play, while providing valuable information for sponsors, promoting unique offers, and long term contact beyond the stadium visit.
The Team
Inthegame's team is comprised of crew of geeks and creative freaks, dedicated to totally flip the way we watch broadcasts
  • CEO
    Itai Arbel



  • Co-founder
    Aviram Sharon



  • System Architect
    Yura Kupitman



  • Designer
    Jonny Groves